Joshua’s and Lydia’s Review of Cars 2


I’m just finishing my review of Cars 2, and so while I finish up, here are the thoughts of my younger siblings who saw it.

Joshua Sanderson’s (age 6) Review

“I think it rocks. There were spies, and the spies can do anything with their guns. When that girl, she flew up in the air with her wings and she was a car, but a spy too. Mater had the bomb in his trunk or whatever it’s called. It was so cool because there was spies and all kinds of fun stuff. Some parts were boring like the parts where they were just talking and that kind of stuff. Most of the time I don’t think Pixar movies are boring in the talking parts, but that one kind of had some in it. I think my favorite character was Mater. He’s hilarious. Tow trucks are just funny. At least, when they can talk they are, because they can say funny jokes. When Mater was talking around and being funny, going ooohhhhh, that was the best part. When is Cars 3 gonna come out?”

4.5/5… that’s just a little worse than 5, right?

Lydia Sanderson’s (age 4) Review

“I hated it. It was loud. Stop talking to me.”

I didn’t like it/5 “


One Response to “Joshua’s and Lydia’s Review of Cars 2”

  1. mjdmook19 said

    Truly wonderful, the mind of a child.

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