Review—A Most Violent Year (at Minnesota Connected)


Reposted from Minnesota Connected

Few films about the recession were as unflinchingly grim as JC Chandor’s debut feature Margin Call. Time and time again, well-meaning, sympathetic characters (and others less so) were given no choice but to act deplorably leading up to the greatest economic disaster since the Great Depression. “It’s all just the same thing over and over; we can’t help ourselves. And you and I can’t control it, or stop it, or even slow it. Or even ever-so-slightly alter it. We just react,” one Wall Street executive stated almost too succinctly. Despite a number of flaws common to first time writers and directors, the film tapped into a growing pessimism toward the systems that make the world run. Martyrs could choose to throw themselves aside in moral indignity, but it made no difference. It was the system — America if you want to put it broadly — that was rotten to the core.

With his third feature, Chandor revisits the theme of American degradation. “America, 1981” the opening title announces.

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