Review—Gertrude Stein and a Companion at the Jungle (Minnesota Connected)


Photo Courtesy of Michal Daniel

The true power of Win Wells’ script is the way it reframes a familiar story about some of the most important events and famous people of the twentieth century as an inside joke between two lovers. Here it’s not Picasso the renowned artist, but Pablo, a shared companion about whom the couple trades inside jokes. WWII is reduced to an anecdote about a dim-witted German officer. There’s almost no narrative drive behind any of this. In fact, the play’s biggest shortcomings are those moments it tries to impose some structure or greater significance on the couple’s musings. Those moments when all context fades; when gaps of sixty and a hundred and twenty-three years fade into the distinct signature of two lives lived together — those are when the play reaches transcendence. What in the world of literature, in the world of politics, in the world of history could matter more than the playful, intimate banter between these two?

See the full review at Minnesota Connected


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