Review–The Babadook (at Minnesota Connected)


Horror is such a unique weapon in film’s arsenal. It’s easy to justify romance, drama, action, or comedy. You can always say, “I need more love or excitement or laughter in my life.” How many times have you heard someone say, “I need more fear in my life?”

Fear is uncomfortable. It’s not attractive.

You will never read about the hero who taught all the townspeople to fear a little bit more. Yet it’s a hugely influential part of human psychology that increases our awareness when we’re in danger and tells us not to do profoundly stupid things. It’s just one of the infinitely varied impulses that tie us to reality, and it needs to be cultivated and explored like the rest. It’s not a matter of choosing to experience fear or not. We will all experience moments of paralyzing, all-encompassing terror, whether the threat is real or just a weird noise in a dark room. Art, and even good entertainment, is there to prepare us for when that happens.

Read the rest at Minnesota Connected.



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