The Second to Last Man on Earth

My senior project. I contributed to both the writing and the shooting of the project.
Director – Nate Lechner
Editor – Phil Baur
Producer – Anna Carey
Lead Actors – Joe Kroll, Ashley Young, Seth Conover

There Were No Germans in Casablanca

Short play that I wrote/directed for the Northwestern College Bathrobe Play Festival. Video is from Dress Rehearsal. Not our best performance, as I really think my actors kicked it in for the performances of the show, and playing to an empty house is difficult. But all in all, a good experience.

Stage Manager – Holly Johnson
Lead Actors – Dan Hazel, Zach McClellan, Julia Pagh, Ian Baird

Bluegrass Breakup

Music video that I wrote and directed and shot my junior Year of college.
Music Written and Performed by Seth Conover
Lead Actors – Seth Conover, Ashley Young
Editor – Phil Baur

Winner of the Northwestern College Five16 Film Festival and iNRB awards for Best Student Music Video
One editing glitch in the Youtube version of the film has since been fixed for festival selections.

Ring (by Spring)

Produced my Junior Year. My primary role, once again, was writer and DP.
Director – Nate Lechner
Producer – Erin McGregor
Lead Actors – Chris Ciatti, Ashley Young, Andy Johnston, Dan Hazel

Winner of the Northwestern College Five16 Film Festival for Best Comedy and Audience Choice
Film is meant to appeal to (or I suppose comment on) a very limited audience, that being students who attend very conservative Christian colleges.

Starvation Day

Written, Directed, Shot, and Edited by me for the class Single Camera Productions first semester my junior Year
Producer – Kelsey Huber
Zombie Makeup – Holly Johnson
Lead Actor – Dan McLaughlin

Probably my most ambitious film I made in college, it suffers from some writing problems I wish I could go back and correct, but the shot direction is something I’m still proud of to this day.

Freshman Fifteen

Written, directed, and shot by me sophomore Year.
Producer – Kelsey Huber
Lead Actors – Dan McLaughlin, Seth Conover, Nate Lechner

Early example of writing that I’m still semi-proud of. My amateurish direction is kind of on display here, and the lighting is borderline the worst thing ever. But it’s a legitimate point in my development as a filmmaker.

Crosswalk Safety PSA

I co-wrote and DP’d this film for my very first assignment my sophomore year.
Director – Ross Flemming


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